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Abhimanyu Shandilya is an alumnus of Campus Law Centre, University of Delhi. He has bachelors of Science degree in Anthropology from Hansraj College, University of Delhi and Post Graduate Diploma in Cyber Law from Indian Law Institute, New Delhi. He has completed his MBA from Great Lakes Institute of Management, Chennai. Abhimanyu has worked for organizations like State Bank of India (SBI), Infosys and Hewlett Packard (HP). He has around 13 years of experience of handling legal matters both for corporates and individuals.

Shandilyaz law firm is one of its kind wherein we provide a new dimension to the legal approach when we take any matter in our hands. Technicality and legality is at the core but in the mind we have a solution oriented point of view for your clients. This helps not only the clients in getting the best possible resolution for their matters but also helps us in looking and exploring all corners of possibilities on laws and legal provisions.

We have a team of expert lawyers, who are enthused to help resolve our clients legal matters.


We provide all kinds of legal services which includes both advisory as well as litigation. Our focus areas for the time being are Corporate Legal Services, Legal Audit for Small and Medium Enterprise, Pro bono Services to NGOs etc. Our Team is currently handling all litigation and property matters in and around Kolkata jurisdiction.

We are setting up team as we have expansion plan to other regions of the country.

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